Unemployed Credit

When you are a job seeker, how can you consider applying for a loan? Even for people with a stable income, applying for a loan is already a real obstacle course. Reassuring creditors is therefore the first step that an unemployed person must study before making his request. Having a personal loan when you are unemployed is not impossible, you just need to know how to put together a good file with good arguments.

Although unemployed credit can be difficult to acquire, it can nonetheless improve the standard of living of an unemployed person. In particular, this can help him find a job more easily or gather essential equipment for the smooth running of the activity he plans to start. The only thing you really need to remember is that money borrowed means money to pay back.

The borrower can, for example, focus on his savings and assets, instead of asking the bank to focus on social benefits.

The criteria for obtaining an unemployed loan

A person who is unemployed but has real estate has, among other things, more chance of obtaining a loan. That said, the financial situation of the borrower will be studied as a whole by the lending institution. In the majority of cases, the ideal will be to apply for a loan well before the end of unemployment compensation.

If the spouse of the person wishing to acquire a loan is an employee, there is a good chance that the borrower will be successful. We can also consider odd jobs that reassure bankers. In any case, no law stipulates that a job seeker does not have the right to apply for a personal loan to carry out his projects.

If in the absence of a stable income and a pledge to offer as a surety, we should not be desperate for all that, because the possibilities of obtaining an unsecured loan do exist. We can particularly mention the loan between individuals. Indeed, when the borrower is not able to justify his solvency, he can ask to borrow money from his relatives. Now, there are also many online platforms that offer to act as the intermediary between individual lenders and individual borrowers.

In order for an unemployment loan application to be validated, various documents must be provided. These may vary from one financial institution to another. However, in most cases, you will be asked to provide your identity and address, provide a certificate of non-employment, present invoices, etc.

Before applying for an unemployed loan, it is best to go through a simulator. This will in particular help the borrower to determine his borrowing capacity (and / or repayment) and at the same time expose him to all the possibilities that will be offered to him. Keep in mind that just because you're unemployed doesn't mean you don't really have a choice. Comparing the proposals through a credit comparator is always recommended.

Unemployment loan: put all the chances on your side

Even if a consumer loan application requires very few formalities, that does not mean that it is not necessary to put together a proper file. Likewise for an unemployed person who wishes to subscribe to a personal loan, it is necessary to have a concrete file, as the expression may allow.

To do this, we can in particular consider the option of microcredits. It is also possible to turn to the personal guarantee and ask one of your relatives to stand surety for you. You can also put one of your assets as real collateral, but its value must equal the amount you want to borrow.

In order to obtain an unemployment loan more easily, the smartest approach is to go through a credit simulator. This step will allow you to determine your borrowing capacity and identify the monthly payment that you are likely to pay.

Other consumer credits to enjoy

Interim credit

An interim loan has roughly the same terms as a CDD loan or a loan for employees who do not yet have a fixed-term contract. Since a temporary employee is likely to change jobs more often, they are still allowed to borrow a reasonable amount of money for short periods.

Student loan

The student loan is guaranteed by the state, you do not need to have a minimum of income or a deposit, provided of course that you are enrolled in an institution. It is a zero rate loan which aims to finance studies or to pay training costs. Unlike conventional loans, the terms can vary from 2 to 6 years.

Credit between individuals

Personal credit is a way to quickly borrow money without going through banks. With this loan intended for individuals you can finance various personal projects without providing proof of use of the borrowed funds.

Civil servant credit

Like all borrowers, civil servants can benefit from a loan. Whether they are contractors, interns or holders; there is a loan specially dedicated to civil servants with very advantageous conditions. Thus, it is possible for an official to obtain the best rate for his mortgage repurchase or even for the consolidation of his loans.

Bank prohibited credit

The repurchase of credit is an interesting option for banking prohibitions. This consists of consolidating all your credits so that you only have to pay a monthly payment. This precept allows you to obtain more time to repay and a reduced monthly payment. As a result, your purchasing power improves and you can live more comfortably.

Senior credit

Like the working population, seniors also have the right to credit. Even if the banks consider that the risks of default are great, there are formulas adapted to the elderly. The conditions are a few different due to the situations of disability, death or incapacity for work; but they do exist in the credit market.

Auto-entrepreneur credit

As a self-entrepreneur, borrowing can be a real obstacle course with banks, but be aware that it is possible to have a mortgage. The documents and documents to be provided are more numerous than that of a permanent employee such as the last tax notices, bank account statements, sales agreements and also borrower insurance.

A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit