How to easily get a loan?

Posted on April 30, 2019 by Marion

How to easily get a loan?

Individuals who resort to borrowing run the risk of an unstable and critical financial situation. Indeed, it is by signing a loan contract that we run into over-indebtedness. This does not prevent households in United States from applying for credit from the bank to carry out some of their projects. But it is clear that not all files are accepted.

Since the banks also take a certain risk to grant money to the borrowers, the latter are very selective vis-à-vis the files of the borrowers. So, to optimize the chances that your request will be accepted by the financing institution, and take advantage of a loan at the best rate, here are some tips.

Present a good profile to the bank

The bank makes its first judgment on your borrower profile. A person with a stable financial situation will have a better chance of succeeding with their loan than a person who is unemployed. Besides, you will also be judged on your banking history. If you are already on the FICP list, you will need a lot more arguments to provide to the bank so that the latter can accept your case. However, even if your profile means a lot to the bank, don't be tempted to provide inaccurate information about yourself. More information on making a good bank account on the site.

Settle all your outstanding debts

If possible, settle all your outstanding debts with the bank. Indeed, before granting you a loan, the banker will inquire about this point. If you have already paid off a certain percentage of your debts, you need to know how to negotiate with the bank in order to get a new loan. On the other hand, the task will be easier if you have nothing more to owe on your old debts.

Offer a personal contribution and a good guarantee

The bank will be more flexible on your loan application if you have a personal contribution. A minimum contribution of 10% is recommended. This represents the notary fees, as well as the guarantees. It can also be proof of your reliability and seriousness. It is possible to borrow without contribution of course, but your banker will be more open to your case if you present such a document to him in support.

Besides, the collateral also plays a big role for the success of your loan. After all, the bank wants to be reassured of your good payer before granting you a loan. And a guarantee allows him to protect himself against any case of non-payment.

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A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit