Honor loans in agriculture or personal loans in peasant fashion

Posted on July 7, 2017 by Marion

agricultural loan

May 15, 2017. An award ceremony for honorary loans in agriculture was organized. It took place under the leadership of the Chamber of Agriculture and Initiative Creuse.
The initiative is regional in scope. It can do oil stain by taking seed in it.
The objective is to be able to finance farmers over 40 in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. Given their age, they cannot benefit from the scheme called the Young Farmers Endowment DJA. Farmers who do not have the level IV agricultural diploma are also eligible.

The rate of the loan of honor is at 0%

Assimilated by analysts to the personal loan but intended exclusively for rural people, the loan of honor is qualified as attractive. This loan is at 0% and the amount obtained is on average 16,000 US dollars. The loan can last up to 7 years.
By way of illustration, a project has just benefited from an honorary loan of US $ 20,000. The funding is intended for goat breeding combined with cheese production and marketing in short circuits.

The loan of honor supports farmers

The agricultural loan of honor intends to support the creation or the resumption of farming operations. This is to facilitate farmers' access to bank credit. The candidate may not be installed, be installed for less than a year or be installed as a solidarity or secondary contributor.
The amount of the honor loan varies between 5,000 US dollars and 20,000 US dollars per project, repayable for 84 months maximum. To access the loan, the applicant must combine it with a conventional bank loan equal to at least the amount of the loan on honor. The candidate must present a personal contribution in cash or in kind (land ownership).
Borrower insurance is compulsory as well as the presentation of a counter-guarantee from the “Initiative Périgord” association. The Chamber of Agriculture of Creuse accompanies the beneficiary until the end of the reimbursement.


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