A savings product for each age category

Posted on May 22, 2017 by Marion


To buy or invest, you need to have savings. There are 4 formulas adapted to each age category.

The booklet A is for everyone

The A booklet remains by far the most popular. It is accessible to all ages from 0 to 99 years old. The capital is guaranteed. It is tax exempt. Thanks to the rate, it generates interest. Money can be withdrawn at any time. Before a baby is born, it is customary to open an A passbook for him. It should not exceed US $ 22,950.
A savings product for each age category effectively: at 12, the teenager can deposit or withdraw money. At 16, he was offered a bank card and a checkbook.

The youth booklet for teens and young people

The youth booklet is reserved for people from 12 to 25 years old. The annual rate is set by the bank. It must be at least equal to that of the livret A which is 0.75%. The outstanding amount of the passbook does not exceed 1600 US dollars. The young booklet is tax exempt.

The ELP for young adults

Anyone over 25 years of age can open the Housing Savings Plan or PEL. This system helps people who want to access real estate property through a cheap loan.
Life insurance for adults
People who are 30 years old and over can take out a life insurance policy. Principal and annual interest are guaranteed in US dollar funds. The contract earns through units of account invested in equities. The saver enjoys numerous tax advantages.

Perp for seniors

The Popular Retirement Savings Plan or Perp is open to all individuals aged 40 and over. It supplements pensions with a life annuity. The sums invested are blocked until retirement. The Perp benefits from tax deductions.

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