Student loan: Discover the best offers

Student life is not given to everyone. All the necessary funding must be gathered to continue the course without a hitch. When we do not always have the necessary savings, banks offer us the possibility of borrowing in order to make our projects a reality. What are the steps to take to benefit from this credit? What are the conditions to respect?

The characteristics of a student loan

When you are a student, you often have to plan for various expenses, such as rental of accommodation, transportation, higher education fees and daily expenses. It often happens that parents do not have the necessary savings for this project. This is why many banks offer student loan offers. This is a bank loan to pay for higher education.

This type of loan usually meets attractive terms, more flexible terms and a particularly low interest rate. It is aimed in particular at young people between 18 and 28 years old, or even up to 30 years old in some cases.

With this attractive rate, the funds granted fluctuate between $ 800 and $ 30,000. The maximum repayment period can be up to 12 years, but can vary and can be flexible depending on the establishment.

How to repay a student loan?

Repaying a student loan can be done in the same way as that of a regular consumer loan, that is, the student must pay a regular monthly payment. Remember that a student loan is part of a consumer loan.

However, there are two types of franchise that benefit students who want to have a loan to finance their studies. Indeed, they can choose between:

  • The partial deductible : Here, it is a question of repaying from the beginning of the loan all the interest including insurance and administrative costs. The total cost of the loan will then have to be paid at the end of the franchise period, in particular when the student enters the professional world.
  • The total deductible : In this case, the borrower will be required to reimburse only the insurance of the loan when signing the credit agreement. As for the total repayment of the loan including its interest, it will be done once the franchise is over. Although this option is particularly interesting, we must not forget to forget that it turns out to be a little more expensive.

Students who have used a loan can also benefit from immediate repayment and early repayment.

Student loan: meet the necessary conditions

In order to qualify for a student loan, the borrower must present a certificate of his enrollment in a school or university. Having to be of French nationality, the student applying for a loan must provide a residence permit or other document certifying that he meets all the criteria required to reside in United States.

Before validating a student loan, the credit organization also asks for a guarantee from a third party. Once all the conditions have been met, the student can benefit from the amount he wishes, which may even go beyond $ 45,000.

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Credit comparison for a student loan

What is the best loan offer to finance your studies? This is one of the questions that trots us once we decide to take out a student loan. Since there is a plethora of student loan proposals, it is not at all easy to decide. To be able to find a loan solution that meets your expectations, it is better to start by comparing the offers. How to do ? With the advent of online credit services, lending institutions offer various tools, such as the comparator, the simulator and loan calculators. In particular, they can allow the borrower to compare the best loan proposals, especially in terms of the rate, and to choose one more easily according to his needs.

Other consumer credits to enjoy

Unemployed Credit

In the United States, there is no law prohibiting unemployed people from taking out bank loans. Indeed, an unemployed person can easily borrow money, especially if the funds can make it easier for him to find a job or to do paid activities. The easiest way is to go through online banking organizations.

Interim credit

An interim loan has roughly the same terms as a CDD loan or a loan for employees who do not yet have a fixed-term contract. Since a temporary employee is likely to change jobs more often, they are still allowed to borrow a reasonable amount of money for short periods.

Credit between individuals

Personal credit is a way to quickly borrow money without going through banks. With this loan intended for individuals you can finance various personal projects without providing proof of use of the borrowed funds.

Civil servant credit

Like all borrowers, civil servants can benefit from a loan. Whether they are contractors, interns or holders; there is a loan specially dedicated to civil servants with very advantageous conditions. Thus, it is possible for an official to obtain the best rate for his mortgage repurchase or even for the consolidation of his loans.

Bank prohibited credit

The repurchase of credit is an interesting option for banking prohibitions. This consists of consolidating all your credits so that you only have to pay a monthly payment. This precept allows you to obtain more time to repay and a reduced monthly payment. As a result, your purchasing power improves and you can live more comfortably.

Senior credit

Like the working population, seniors also have the right to credit. Even if the banks consider that the risks of default are great, there are formulas adapted to the elderly. The conditions are a few different due to the situations of disability, death or incapacity for work; but they do exist in the credit market.

Auto-entrepreneur credit

As a self-entrepreneur, borrowing can be a real obstacle course with banks, but be aware that it is possible to have a mortgage. The documents and documents to be provided are more numerous than that of a permanent employee such as the last tax notices, bank account statements, sales agreements and also borrower insurance.

A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit