What about consumer loans without supporting documents

Posted on December 21, 2016 by Marion

Thanks to consumer credit, each individual today has the possibility of financing small projects intended for the acquisition of household appliances or car and the financing of a trip or a wedding. Each file is studied according to the profile of the applicant and the release of funds does not require long procedures or complicated supporting documents. Here are the current consumer credits available on the market.

Obtain a consumer credit online

Each individual has a personal project that is close to his heart and that he cannot achieve because of his limited financial means. Acquisition of a more efficient household appliance or a new car, financing of a vacancy in a dream destination or wedding, all these projects appear in the eligible files in the consumer loan. Before embarking, it is the rule to put together the file and to follow step by step each step to be taken.

The use of the simulator / comparator is the first step to take for any individual looking for small credit. Thanks to this tool, the user first knows the exact value of his repayment capacity, the amount of the loan he can request as well as its duration, not to mention the lowest APR (Annual Global Effective Rate) of the market. Then, he has the possibility of selecting among many others, a bank offering both a cheaper interest rate and more attractive conditions.

Completing a consumer credit report can also be done online. In this alternative, the granting conditions are easier, on condition that the applicant is not the subject of a banking incident.

Revolving credit or revolving credit . As its name suggests, this type of loan is presented as a reserve of money that the borrower can use throughout the contract. After the payment of each monthly payment, the loan balance is automatically reconstituted to have its initial amount. In comparison with other consumer loans, the interest rates of the revolving loan are higher. The maximum amount allocated is € 3,000. The supporting documents required are: proof of address, identity document and bank details.

Personal loan without proof. In the majority of cases, the granting of this type of loan so popular with users does not require supporting documents. In addition, the expenses and withdrawals made by the borrower do not also require the provision of supporting documents. However, the customer must produce proof of his solvency and he must not be the subject of any banking incident. The amount of funds allocated to a personal loan without proof varies according to the case. It falls within the range of (1,000-15,000 €).

The other variants of consumer credit at better rates

The repurchase of consumer credit is a credit granted to borrowers at risk of finding themselves in a situation of over-indebtedness. An individual committed to several loans often does not manage to pay his monthly payments. He has the possibility of requesting from a bank the merger of his current loans in a single contract, called repurchase of credit. In this condition, a new loan amount, another deadline, new monthly payments and attractive rates will be established. A simple borrower can also request a repurchase of credit in order to take advantage of a new rate which is the lowest on the market.

The consumer loan without a bank is a variant of the loan between serious individuals in which the agreement is made between 2 individuals, outside the banking circuit. The preliminary negotiations are carried out on online platforms approved by the State. After the agreement, the lender turns into a financial backer. Then, the loan agreement between the two parties is drawn up.

Micro credit is credit granted to solvent individuals who cannot access conventional bank credit. The granting conditions are identical to current loan contracts and the maximum amount of micro credit is € 3,000.

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