Responis: the repurchase of credits

Posted on June 29, 2016 by Marion

Responis: the repurchase of credits

Responis is a banking intermediary which offers a loan repurchase service, thus giving borrowers the possibility of reducing the amount of their monthly payments.

The repurchase of credits

For reasons that differ according to the profiles, borrowers who have contracted one or more loans call on the repurchase of loans to be able to reduce the amount of their monthly payments.

Some of these borrowers subscribe to this banking operation because they are no longer able to repay the amount of their monthly payments which is too high compared to their income, while assuming daily expenses (rent, food, clothing).

The repurchase of loans allows the borrower to gather his outstanding amounts in a single loan with a reduced monthly payment, it is possible to carry out this operation thanks to an extension of the duration of the loan. The client then sees his budget rebalance and his debt ratio decrease.

Responis: intermediary in banking transactions

Responis is a non-exclusive agent in banking operations and payment services (MIOBSP) specializing in loan repurchases and ISO 9001 certified, a guarantee of quality issued by AFNOR.

Responis then undertakes to provide a quality service and to provide an offer adapted to the needs of the customer, a website is made available to all those wishing to collect information on the repurchase of credits.

It is advisable to perform an online simulation free of charge and without obligation to see if this operation can correspond to the needs. In addition, the borrower may be granted an additional sum if he has an affected project (purchase of a vehicle, travel, work), provided he is able to respect the terms of the contract.

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