Revolving credit without proof: What you need to know

Posted on November 27, 2015 by Marion

revolving credit

Consumer credits are forms of loans dedicated to individuals. Revolving credit is one of the most popular forms of this form of credit. Most of the subscribers contract with traditional financial institutions. However, many online banks today offer these formulas.

The advantages of subscribing to an online revolving credit

Online banks are increasingly successful today, and for good reason! They respond to customer loan requests more quickly. In addition, they plan to gain more notoriety by accepting all profiles of subscribers. Whether you are unemployed, in a situation of over-indebtedness or even retired, it is possible to take out a loan according to your needs.

Moreover, if revolving credits are quite expensive in traditional banking establishments, it must be said that they are rather affordable on e-banks. While the accumulation of monthly payments after many renewals remains quite heavy, however the rates are much more attractive and are also much easier to negotiate.

The amount you borrow can be paid in less than two days if your file is solid. Plus, you generally won't have to pay any additional fees. Despite all these advantages, however, you will need to carefully choose your revolving credit offer.

How to get revolving credit online

Given the virtual nature of the institution, the operation must be done from your computer on the site of the institution that interests you. You will need to follow the recommendations on the bank's page and call Headquarters if there is a problem.

You will most often have to fill out a specific form and send civil records and administrative documents if necessary. Regardless, most of these types of financial institutions do not ask for proper documentation. Thus, you will generally not have to give papers proving your solvency.

In order to constitute a good file for your revolving credit, we however encourage you to send to your bank your last payslip (if you have any), your last bank statements as well as other documents which could prove the good health of your finances. This is not mandatory, but sending supporting documents will facilitate the process and allow you to obtain your credit more quickly, which is very practical in case of urgent need of money.

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