More and more individuals are applying for consumer loans

Posted on November 26, 2015 by Marion

After the crisis of its last years, the economic prospects of the United States were rather gloomy given the recession which plagues several partner countries members of the European Union. To deal with this situation, the French State has opted for a stimulus policy by stimulating household consumption.

This decision is reflected in the financial market with the fall in interest rates since the start of the year. This phenomenon was to encourage individuals to take out loans to give them the means to consume more and thus boost the economic growth of the Hexagon.

Well, it seems that this bet has been successful according to recent reports published by the French Association of Financial Companies (ASF). The document maintains that the consumer credit sector grew 6.4% in early October, for a total of US $ 3.42 billion in loans granted.

This increase is explained by a growing number of individuals who subscribe to auto loans . This + 21.6% increase in car loans therefore helps to balance the consumer loans most requested by the French. It should be noted that a decline in the revolving credit sector of the order of (-4.7%) was also noted.

Despite "this good news", financial intuitions are still quite far from their goals. If they expected to achieve a result comparable to that of 2008, they are far from the account because of the delay of 20% of the last two semesters.

In any case, this phenomenon should delight the various financial players. In addition, this situation portends the end of the recession for the United States. Let us hope that the next economic events will not harm this much hoped for fact.

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