A personal loan for your projects

The personal loan is part of the most common and most requested consumer credit. Unlike the car loan or the credit for work, it does not ask how the amount obtained will be used. Almost all credit institutions offer it.

Acquisition of a personal loan with or without proof

Normally, a personal loan is obtained when the borrower presents the supporting documents requested by the creditors. It is often difficult for borrowers to provide these documents. But currently, you can get a personal credit without proof of use.

To obtain it, credit institutions still need a few files such as identity document, proof of address, an income statement or a pay slip, and a bank identity statement or RIB. A final tax notice can also be requested.

Characteristics of the personal loan

Personal loan belongs to the category of unrestricted loans. The law which governs it is similar to that of consumer credits. We can anticipate the repayment without any penalty. For this kind of loan, you can get up to 20,000 US dollars. The monthly payments are from 12 months to 60 months.

The personal loan is based on a fixed APR rate. To find the best rate, you can do an online comparison. To do this, we connect to a site of a credit institution or a bank, we will surely find a credit comparator, we click on it and we will have all the results. Just choose after. The result you will find there will be based on your personal criteria.

It is easy to get a personal loan without proof

As we mentioned above, banks or creditors do not ask how the amount loaned will be used. But banks can ask for a salary statement. So, finding a personal loan without proof is easy. However, it is difficult to find the banks that offer the best rate. In addition, the selection criteria are often too demanding for borrowers. To be able to find the best deal, using the online credit comparator is the best solution.

It should be noted that in the personal loan, the interest rate is quite high. This may be because banks are at risk as borrowers may not be able to repay. However, some credit chains offer more profitable terms.

Personal loan

Methods to get a cheaper personal loan

You have probably placed your savings in a bank or other financial institutions. Well, you can negotiate a rate with your regular bank. To get a satisfactory answer, be loyal to your bank.

Banks or creditors often launch promotional offers before big moments such as back to school or the holidays. Take advantage of these offers to apply for credit. This is especially when the rate is reduced.

Start negotiating your personal loan again if you find a large difference in the rate between when you took out your loan and now. You can definitely report it to your banker and get a reduced interest rate.

You can also ask for information on the lowest personal credit rate that other creditors offer and you can negotiate with your bank account manager.

Personal loan without a bank is also possible. This means that the loan is made between two individuals without the intermediary of the bank. This will also avoid administrative costs. You just have to get the lender to understand the repayment system.

Other consumer credits to enjoy

Auto Credit

You plan to replace your car or buy a new one, take out a car loan. Whether new or used, a sum of money will be made available to you to finance part or all of the purchase. You will then have to repay each month with interest. The duration of your loan depends on your repayment capacity.

Works credit

As its name suggests, work credit is used to improve or fit out your home. This type of project requires a more or less substantial budget. This is why financial organizations and banks offer individuals a loan dedicated to work. The amount ranges from $ 5,000 to $ 75,000, for a repayment term of 12 to 120 months.

Revolving credit

Revolving credit is designed to help you deal with unforeseen daily expenses. As the borrower, you decide how much money you need and how long you should repay. The revolving credit is reconstituted as and when repayments are made and can be renewed if money is needed with optional insurance.

Credit buyback

The repurchase of credit is a solution offered by your bank to simplify the management of your credits, and this, by regrouping them around a single credit. It is customizable and adapts to all situations and all profiles. It allows you to better manage your budget and reduce the amount by having monthly payments up to 60% lower.

Motorcycle loan

Motorcycle credit is a consumer loan allocated to the purchase of a two-wheeled vehicle, scooters or motorcycle. It is a financing solution for the acquisition of a motorcycle, it can be new or used. Thanks to this type of loan, you can afford the motorcycle you've always dreamed of for your everyday trips.

Wedding credit

There are loan platforms that are there to support you in your life plans, including marriage. They offer this credit with the APR twice lower than that of a revolving credit. Don't deprive yourself, now is the time to treat yourself. The marriage loan is an interesting solution to finance this unique moment.

Travel credit

Travel credit is an easy way to have sufficient financing to go on vacation. It is a loan that you could request from your bank or from financial institutions to carry out your travel plans that you have always dreamed of. Of course, the money you are going to borrow is not only used for your travel expenses, but also for your equipment.

Credit without contribution

Need funding for a personal project? Be aware that there are financial institutions that grant loans without requiring personal contribution. It is a simple, fast and transparent way to grant a loan. The procedures are even simpler when the requested amount is small. Most importantly, you can prove that you are capable of honoring your commitment to your bank.

Credit without inquiry

Credit without inquiry is available to the general public in urgent need of money. It remains special with its very short processing time and unrivaled accessibility. By opting for this type of loan, you can use the allocated funds as you wish, without you having to justify. The main thing is that you can repay your loan as agreed in the contract.

Easy credit

There are many steps that demotivate borrowers to make a loan from financial institutions, if we cite only the supporting documents, the too long processing time and complex procedures. With easy credit, all these procedures no longer exist. It consists of applying for a loan online. It only takes a few clicks for the borrower to receive a response.

CAF loan

The CAF loan is advantageous in the case where it allows to obtain a loan at zero rate. You can use the funds granted for your personal projects such as work on your house, the purchase of household appliances, the purchase of a car or even to provide for childbirth costs. On the other hand, the use must be as a first necessity, but not for comfort.

A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit