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Discover the new small credit 2019! You don't have to break the bank when you want to borrow a small amount of money online for a short period! Indeed, for a small quick credit , there is a simple and quick solution to do: subscribe by internet. Don't miss out on the best interest rates by comparing small loan offers online today with our free, no-obligation form.

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A small loan is a small amount of money ranging from 200 US dollars to 3000 US dollars borrowed over a period of a few months with the repayment of a small monthly payment. It is classified as a consumer loan since it is intended to finance small projects such as the purchase of a household appliance, the repair of a vehicle, the purchase of a smartphone or the completion of work. . The list is far from being exhaustive. This credit without proof will allow you to get out of a complicated situation or to carry out any low-budget projects whose total amount does not exceed 3000 US dollars.

The agreement, the credit agreement and the release of funds will be rapid if the future beneficiary has the following supporting documents: proof of income (payslip or tax notice), address, identity documents, proof of bank . For any applicant who has had a banking incident therefore filed with the Bank of United States (banking prohibition or FICP), it would be necessary to turn to specialized lending institutions.

Several solutions are available to you to obtain a small loan quickly. It's up to you to choose the one that best meets your need for money.

  • Personal loan without proof: The beneficiary is not required to explain to the lender the destination of the allocated funds.
  • Revolving credit. This type of small credit is very popular despite the high rate. On the basis of the beneficiary's income, a reserve of money is made available. It is renewed upon regular payment of the monthly payment.
  • The borrower can associate a credit card or loyalty card with supermarkets and department stores. The borrower can make transfers from this reserve.
  • The mini credit for all money loans less than $ 500
  • The loan between private individual which allows to borrow money with its knowledge or via specialized sites which puts in relation particular investors with particular lender.
  • Financial assistance from CAF and the loan of honor for bank prohibitions on the bank of United States (FICP), the unemployed or temporary workers to face temporary difficulties
  • The ADIE micro-credit to finance the creation of your self-business
Three frequently asked questions about consumer credit

What is the maximum amount for a consumer loan?

A borrower can grant himself a sum of 200 US dollars at the base for a personal loan. The limit can be up to US $ 75,000 depending on the extent of the use of this credit. The repayment period can extend up to 7 years. The debtor will be able to benefit from protection of the code of consumption as long as the loan is not below the sum of 200 US dollars and does not exceed 75,000 US dollars.

How to obtain a consumer credit with a banking prohibition?

Even disadvantaged by the banking ban, the debtor can resort to certain solutions to acquire a consumer credit meeting his personal needs. The first initiative is the loan between individuals. Contracting with a social micro-credit is also an option. On the other hand, it is possible to contract with organizations specializing in the financing of banking prohibitions. If the borrower owns his home, he can proceed with mortgage credit.

Which organization is the best for obtaining consumer credit?

Online credit organizations are the most reliable when it comes to personal loans. On the one hand, the borrower will have the advantage of better time management and avoiding repeated trips. On the other hand, it will be able to proceed to the sorting of the organizations whose interest rates are the most attractive and more favorable. Regarding the loan procedures, the subscription is easy but however requires the gathering of various information of the concerned.

What project to finance with an express micro credit?

Loan intended for individuals, an instant mini credit is also part of the consumer credit without proof. The procedures and application file for a mini loan are roughly the same as a regular personal loan. The only difference is in the amount which remains relatively smaller in the context of a small loan of money. In order to find the best APRs and the best offer, you have to go through a credit comparator and first of all proceed with an online loan simulation. But before proceeding, you should certainly ask yourself the question: What project do you need financing to take out a micro credit? Indeed, given the relatively low total amount, you will not indeed be able to undertake a large project with a mini credit. That said, it can help you out if you need urgent money. Depending on the offer to which you have subscribed, it can, for example, help you pay for medical or hospital expenses, to fill the cash flow, to complete a vacation budget, to repair a car or to acquire a smartphone or 'other small personal projects. Depending on your repayment capacity and the amount of money you need, you can get your small credit right away. As soon as the funds are released, you still have to think about repaying the monthly payments. Taking out insurance can be useful in the event of the unexpected.

A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit