Cofinoga credit organization

Cofinoga is a lending organization, member of the European group BNP. He is a professional in optimizing customer relations. It offers a wide variety of budget solutions to sponsor most of your purchases and personal projects.

A credit organization: what is it exactly?

A lender is a moral individual who conducts banking operations as a regular job. Its job is to receive funds from the public, make credit transactions, set up customer arrangements and finally manage payment processes.

The profession of credit institutions is governed by the law of January 24, 1984. To be able to carry out this work, credit organizations must receive an approval issued by the CECEI (Committee of Credit Institutions and Investment Companies). The banks' credit supply is only part of their activities. Thus, consumer lending institutions are fans of consumer credit.

The specificities of Cofinoga credit

Cofinoga is best known for distributing payment cards. This card is backed by a cash deposit. It also grants different types of loan such as consumer loan, loan repurchase, personal amortizing auto loan, motorcycle loan, work loan and leisure loan.

If you choose this personal loan:

  • You will know 100% financed for all your projects, apart from the mortgage.
  • You will have fixed monthly payments that relate to your budget.
  • When you make a subscription, no administration fees are charged.
  • The reimbursement rate is well considered so that you can properly sponsor your projects.

Cofinoga: Versatility and flexibility for any type of project

The Cofinoga personal loan is really flexible and can be used, whatever the type of project. It also adapts to any type of situation.

In addition, Cofinoga has an information service accessible to all. You can apply for a loan over the phone. Advisors will receive you. The call is free if you use a landline.

Apart from that, 34 branches are available to receive borrowers. If you haven't found a solution to your concern after calling customer service, you can contact customer service and send a letter by post.

If a dispute arises for an online contract, Cofinoga works with the European platform for “Online Dispute Resolution” (RLL). You can contact this organization and try to have an out-of-court settlement.

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Get fast Cofinoga credit

If you want to acquire rapid financing at the best rate, Cofinoga will meet your expectations. Indeed, you will quickly get the amount you requested. However, some conditions are necessary to be eligible. You must be stable in your work, your income must be regular, and finally, you must be able to repay your loan. All this is required to prevent the borrower from being in debt.

Your request goes as follows:

First, you fill out a form asking for some information about yourself.

Then, you will receive a first agreement in principle, you print it, you fill it, you sign after putting a date and you return it by mail. It will be your contract.

You must also provide all the supporting documents requested so that Cofinoga can validate the information you have provided. When your file is complete, it will be studied and you will receive a final answer two or four days later.

If your request is granted, the amount you requested will be released to your account after the legal withdrawal deadline.

If you want more information, online advisers are ready to answer you. They can call you on your number or you can chat.

Other consumer credits to enjoy


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Cetelem is a very busy financial organization. It is already one of the biggest, because it offers several credit solutions with an unbeatable rate. Its goal is to promote access to credit for as many people as possible while fighting against over-indebtedness. He engages with the state to allow borrowers to find a more comfortable solution in the event of default. The customer only has to choose the duration and the amount of the loan that suits him.


The Paydaynow consumer credit represents an interesting alternative for the financing of your projects. It is a digital bank that allows you to apply for credit online. It's simple, easy and above all very practical since you don't have to travel to bring the parts. You can send them from home easily. By fulfilling all the conditions, you will get a response within 24 hours. A subsidiary of Société Générale is a trusted institution.

A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit