Five Things to Look Out For In a Credit Comparison

The credit card market is booming and the card issuing institutions are regularly developing new products. If you decide to buy a credit card, you should first think about the product you are looking for. Because there are a number of providers who advertise with free maps, but in the end there can be a rude awakening.

Prepaid or credit card

Prepaid or credit card

Who deals with the credit comparison, which comes quickly to two different card products – the so-called prepaid credit cards and the classic credit cards. In particular, prepaid credit cards are currently issued by a large number of banks in Germany. The advantage of this card is obvious to consumers – they do not need Schufa information for the card. But you can only buy with these cards, if in advance on the card a credit was paid, that covers at least the purchase – more is of course synonymous. These cards are therefore suitable for young people who want to shop on the Internet or people with not so good credit rating . But prepaid credit cards differ neither in appearance nor in their potential uses of other credit cards. The market is extensive and you should definitely make a credit comparison before deciding on a product.

Withdraw cash for free

Withdraw cash for free

But there are a number of offers in the conventional credit card market. As already described, you should have thought in advance about the use of his credit card some thoughts. If you would like to use the card primarily to get free cash on holiday, you should look for suitable offers on a credit comparison. In fact, there are a number of providers who offer their customers around the world free access to cash machines.

Credit card – note loan interest

Credit card - note loan interest

Those interested in using a credit card as a permanent form of payment should look for a product that either has the longest possible payment period – some credit card companies offer up to eight weeks. Who then wants to use the credit function of his card, for the decisive factor is how high the interest incurred. Because here reveals that a number of card companies very lucrative interest charged, which are well above the conditions for the current account.

Insurance – for frequent travelers very interesting

Insurance - for frequent travelers very interesting

And also with the additional services one should carry out necessarily a credit comparison. Many credit card companies offer, for example, travel cancellation or luggage insurance. If you travel a lot, these cards can be very interesting, but you should pay attention to whether the journey was always paid with the card.

Bonus and discounts – collecting is fun

Bonus and discounts - collecting is fun

There are also interesting products for pointshunters – cards with bonus features. These provide either for each purchase with the card points or only in special shops or services. The points can then be paid in kind premiums, such as air travel, hotel accommodation or even some programs in cash.


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