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BBVA puts at your disposal everything related to the most common banking and operations in the market and gives you credits without having to move from your computer, making it much easier and faster than asking for a loan in the usual banks and also adapting to the needs of each of the clients at all times and giving them the best security criteria.

In addition, BBVA does not give you any kind of commission when it comes to making transfers and in addition to that you can use it from any tablet or phone without this giving any kind of problem.

In addition, when you have a charge to your account or loan, you can receive an email every time something is updated or changed, so that you can clearly see all the movements of the credit accounts or different cards. You will also receive all the online proofs of all the movements.

When you sign up for this credit service, you go directly to obtain all the benefits offered by this type of online banking and through which you can have total control of your accounts.

Advantages of choosing BBVA and its personal loans

Advantages of choosing BBVA and its personal loans

You can optimize your procedures much better in every way and be attended at all times by the right person for your case, which means that you can skip the long procedures that often take hours to perform just the operations you need, plus accounts with an interest rate of 6.95% TIN (TAE 7.73%) and request up to 75,000 euros to be repaid in 10 years, with no study commission.

On the other hand, the BBVA network has more than 6000 ATMs that are capable of giving autonomy to any operation that is going to be carried out . In addition, it is done with a personalized, fast and completely secure system that allows you to process any type of management without any problem.

Your savings will be in good hands

One of the main advantages of trusting BBVA is that we can be sure that money could not be in a better place. At the same time they reduce the commissions to the minimum, even to eliminate them completely in some of their products. This guarantees us that money will not only be protected, but that it will not be reduced by certain costs, as it does in certain entities.

Experience and solvency

BBVA is considered one of the most solvent entities in Spain today. And it is not for less, since in the 150 years they have behind them they have known how to anticipate all the changes that were glimpsed on the horizon.

Its great ability to grow, in addition to adapt to even the most complicated conditions, make it a unique entity in its kind.

Wide range of products

With just taking a look at your online banking , the customer will be able to know the large number of products that are put at your disposal. The requirements of the same have been reduced, so that most of the population can access them.

The bank that always responds

Precisely this is the slogan of the entity “Have a bank that always responds.” We emphasize its solid customer service , always ready to give us a solution, however complex the problem may be.

Types of credits and BBVA Online Loans

Types of credits and BBVA Online Loans

Credits and personal loans are ideal to get an injection of money through which you can get pay some unforeseen cats that we can have at any time.

The credits of BBVA online are ideal because they give you the type of financing you need with a very low interest and also, removing all the paperwork and paperwork that are done in the normal banks.

In addition, in order to obtain this loan, all you have to do is to register your payroll with BBVA and benefit from the multiple advantages that your payroll gives you.

BBVA Personal Loans Online

These personal loans of BBVA are oriented to get some extra capital at any time. In general, it is a good resource that will help us to have some control over any type of unforeseen expenses that may occur to us.

They are characterized by presenting a reduced interest rate, in addition to being very fast at the same time; For this, the vast majority of paperwork and all the procedures that will be imposed by the vast majority of banks are eliminated.

Of course, they will ask you to pay your salary, which will help you benefit from some very interesting advantages.

With these loans we can request a total of € 75,000 with a repayment term of a maximum of 10 years .

BBVA Online Car Loan

If what you are looking for is a loan to acquire the car you want for years, do not wait any longer and opt for the BBVA Online Car Loan in such a way the interest rate at 5.70% TIN (TAE 6.39%).

If you do not know very well what credit you need to be able to finally have the car you’ve always wanted, do not be afraid to call BBVA so that you can know the different credits offered in the entity or you can enter the main page of BBVA and use the simulator that gives you the page . By means of this simulator you can put the amount and the time in which you want to pay and you will be able to know what is the amount of money that you must pay each month with the interests already included.

Characteristics of this type of BBVA Online Car Loan

If what you want to buy is a new car, you must be aware that the vehicle to buy must be less than 36 months. The import for the new car can range from 3,000 euros to 75,000 euros, the payment period ranges from 24 months to 10 years in total . The installments of this type of credit for cars must be paid monthly.

With regard to the opening commission, this must be 2.3% on the amount that has been contracted and does not have a minimum.

Cancellation fee

Regarding the cancellation fee, it can be done if the term that is pending payment does not exceed 12 months

BBVA personal loans for used cars

If you want to look for a used car, then it must be more than 36 months old

In this case, you can also get between 3,000 and 75,000 euros and you can pay between 24 months and 10 years in a monthly fee established at the beginning.

What requirements are needed to access this type of credit

You must have an account with BBVA and you must be the owner of it. In case you have no account in the entity, you will have to open one to access the credit.

Come to any entity or contact BBVA through the web to verify which documents you must submit in order to access the credit.

Online pre-granted loan

If you are already a customer of the entity, then you will have the possibility of obtaining a personalized loan according to your interests. The process is very simple: all you have to do is enter the desired amount, choose payment, fees and you’ll have it.

The system will be in charge of determining if it approves or not, and you will receive the notice at the moment in which this happens.

BBVA Payroll Advance

If you need some extra money, since you’ve seen that you’re not able to make ends meet, then you can use the Payroll Advance resource. As its name suggests, this system will help you anticipate the amount corresponding to your payroll or pension. Although, logically, there will be conditions that will have to be met.

The maximum amount of money that can be requested will be € 3000 , in addition to a maximum of 3 payrolls. The repayment term will be a maximum of 6 months .

BBVA studies loan

The BBVA studies loan is intended for the payment of university studies, a master’s degree or higher education. In addition, these can be studied both abroad, and at the national level.

It is the perfect resource for all those students who have problems to continue with their studies.

You can ask for a maximum amount of € 75,000 , with a repayment term of 10 years .

Unlike other loans of the entity, in this case no payroll will be required.

Large receipts and payments financing

If you have to face a high or unexpected receipt or charge, this loan allows you to request between 300 and 1000 € , with a repayment period of 3 months .

Is it safe to ask for a loan at BBVA?


As any entity, the BBVA bank will always paint its credits as if they were the best … but are they really, or do they involve some kind of deception or fraud? In BBVA you will not find small letters or hidden costs that can make you take your hands to your head.

We have seen that it is a transparent entity, so the conditions are quite clear. If there is any doubt, those responsible will be perfectly capable of resolving it.

But here we must be careful : if a deal does not suit us, however good it may seem, signing it will be a complete mistake. That is, it is worth reading what we are going to sign in detail, and thus determine whether or not what we have been looking for.

What are the requirements for personal loans Online BBVA


The person who is going to request the loan must be of legal age and must have a valid identity document. This document can be a DNI or an NIE.

The person who is going to request a loan must have a personal telephone number in which the company can get in touch with him, he must have a personal email to which the entity can send the extra documentation.

Also, in case the credit is a large amount, it will be required

A payroll or proof of income and also not be on the list of defaulters or asnef . If you are, it may be grounds for denial of credit.

Interest rates on BBVA loans

Interest rates on BBVA loans

  • Personal loans: No commission is charged for study, and an interest rate of 6.95% TIN and an APR of 7.73% is established .
  • Online Car Loan: This loan establishes 5.70% TIN and an APR of 6.39% . In addition, it will be necessary to assume an opening commission that is usually 2.3% . And not only that, but there is also an opening commission that will be applied if the remaining payment term is longer than 12 months.
  • BBVA personal loan for used cars: This personal loan has the same commissions as the previous loan. However, as long as certain conditions are met, discounts of importance can be obtained.
  • Online pre-granted loan: Both the TIN and the APR associated with the loan are personalized depending on the link you have with the bank. These values ​​will appear on the screen available at the time they are contracted.
  • Payroll Advance: An interest rate of 0% TIN and of 5,25 & APR is established . In addition, there is also an opening commission on 1.5% of the amount contracted . Instead, they do not have any study fees.
  • Loan studies: A fixed interest rate of 4.50 TIN and 4.64% APR is applied.
  • Financing of large receipts and payments: A 0% TIN and an APR of 12.91% will apply.

How to apply for BBVA online loans

How to apply for BBVA online loans

To apply for the loans online you just have to follow these steps:

  • We enter the BBVA website.
  • We choose the loan that we want.
  • We use the simulator to calculate the best option in our case.

BBVA Loan Simulator


A loan simulator is a handy tool that is very easy to use. The only thing that will require of us is that we introduce the money that we want to request, the time of return of the loan, and that we press in calculate.

The interests and commissions associated with the procedure will appear. If we are satisfied, we can continue from here to process everything.

How to return the personal loans of BBVA

How to return the personal loans of BBVA

The easiest thing to do is to install the loans in installments that will be charged month by month. However, in certain loans we also have the option to make transfers on a regular basis.

BBVA Mortgages


There are 3 types of mortgages that can be contracted with BBVA:

  • Mixed Mortgage: A mortgage that will allow you to pay the installments in a calm manner. It is valid only for first home. A fixed rate is applied during the first years, and the rest of “Euribor + 0.99 APR variable 1,490%”).
  • Fixed mortgage: Ideal for those who do not want to take any surprise when paying. It has a fixed interest rate of 1.85 TIN and 2.51% TAE .
  • Variable Mortgage: This mortgage is designed to help you save. The first year establishes a fixed rate of 1.99% , and the following year of “0.99 (1.490% Variable Tae”) .

The BBVA mortgage simulator

Through the BBVA mortgage simulator you can know what the monthly payment that you must pay on your credit or any type of mortgage you acquire with BBVA . In addition you can know the cats associated with the purchase sale and mortgage expenses.

Entities like BBVA that offer different types of credits have a series of requirements that let you know if you are really capable of acquiring a loan with them.

If you are thinking of asking for a loan in BBVA, you must know all the requirements that will give you access to this type of personal loans.

Extensions and postponements

Extensions and postponements

Although our goal should never be to reach this point, we are aware that it can happen at any time. It is for this reason that BBVA echoes this situation, and gives certain facilities to customers in the event that they are experiencing serious difficulties to pay.

If we contact your customer service , we will have the option to request an extension or deferment.

But be careful, since this will entail a series of costs and commissions that will not be cheap.

Opinions about BBVA loans


Considering all the facilities that give the client when hiring their products and / or services, we get an idea of ​​why the overall assessment of the entity is good.

The vast majority of opinions are positive, although that does not mean that there are some negative ones.

On balance, they are good, so we can rely on BBVA loans .

Customer service and online banking bbva


There are many reasons why we may need to contact BBVA.

For example, it may be the case that our wallet has been stolen, or that we have lost it. In this case, we can call the numbers 902 22 44 66 or 91 224 94 26 ; Through the same numbers we can give the low cards, or inform if there has been any unusual movement in the account.

These same numbers can be used to manage procedures related to card and / or internet operations limitations, access from unusual locations, frauds, or request varied information.

At the time you open your new account you will be assigned a manager who will also assist you. If you have a problem, you can go directly to it instead of calling these phone numbers.

Through BBVA online banking we can check the excerpt and movements of our account, know information about loans and mortgages, pay bills, manage the use of cards.

If you are one of those who love new technologies, then you are interested in installing the BBVA app directly on your mobile phone; It is available for IOS and Android operating systems, does not have any cost and is very fluid, so we will not need a terminal of last generation to move it.

For advanced users, at BBVA we can find up to three types of Apps:

  • BBVA Wallet: The classic, the one with which we can manage purchases with the mobile phone, finance purchases, activate or deactivate cards …
  • BBVA SmartPay: The app that allows us to pay with the phone from anywhere in the world.
  • BBVA Net Cash: App that helps you with financial management. It is the online banking app for companies.


As a company that has been consolidated in the market for many years, they comply with what they promise, are responsible and adapt their plans to the real needs of the market situation.

Analyze the BBVAN loans and you will see how you come to the conclusion that they are for you.


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