The different types of consumer credit

In order to be able to finance various small personal projects, banks and credit organizations mainly offer loans to individuals. Taking out these cash loans allow anyone to buy goods or services. Presenting itself as a simple way to have quick financing, this type of loan comes in different offers depending on the needs of the borrower. Among them, we can notably mention:

The personal loan without proof that is not linked to any particular expense. The borrower can use the amount of money borrowed as he sees fit. This type of credit is particularly recommended for urgent or one-off money needs, unforeseen expenses due to lack of savings, etc. Namely that the personal loan is a credit without proof of use.

Affected credit is the reverse of an unallocated loan. As its name suggests, the expenditure must therefore be precise and assigned to a specific destination. It will be necessary to justify the loan by the presentation of supporting documents such as an estimate or an invoice. Among the credits allocated, we can in particular distinguish: the auto loan for the purchase of a car, the work loan for the financing of renovation, the travel credit, to cover his travel expenses. the household appliance credit which is a financing solution to equip one's home.

Revolving credit, for its part, allows individuals to have in their possession a reserve of money that they can use to make purchases or finance personal projects. This cash can be used without providing any supporting document, and the amount is renewed as repayments are made. This rapid credit without proof is also called: revolving credit.

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Quick online credit: what you need to know

Intended for the financing of consumer goods, a consumer credit cannot finance large-scale projects, to name only the purchase of real estate (mortgage) or the realization of a professional project.

With a minimum amount of 200 US dollars for a small credit , the personal loan is capped at 75,000 US dollars, can be obtained without contribution, for a minimum repayment period of 3 months. From the date of issuance of the loan offer, the borrower has a withdrawal period of 14 days after signing the credit agreement which must contain various essential information, such as the repayment period, the monthly payments, APR (annual percentage rate); the loan amount and the total cost of credit.

In order to be able to obtain a quick personal loan, you must still have a stable income, justify a regular financial source and prove solvency. It is also necessary that the credit institution or the financial organization check the repayment capacity of the future borrower as well as his debt ratio which must not exceed 33% in order to avoid any situation of over-indebtedness.

Consumer credit comparator

Before applying for credit online, do not hesitate to use our comparator free of charge and without obligation to find the best offers.

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Why take out a quick loan online?

A consumer credit is intended for the acquisition of various consumer goods or the financing of useful services for our daily lives. This particular loan can, among other things, help households to invest in the purchase of a car, the acquisition of household appliances, the carrying out of work in their house. Even better, this quick and easy credit can help everyone to give shape to any projects depending on their personal situation, their needs and their desires, such as the financing of vacations, training, studies and workshops.

The advantage of fast consumer credit is the simplicity of the steps to be taken to obtain a loan of money. This is also why it is also called easy credit. By applying for a personal loan online, you can immediately get an agreement in principle. A definitive answer to your request can be obtained quickly within the framework of a quick credit 24h. In addition, the interest rate is also very attractive, but for this we will gladly invite you to carry out a credit simulation on our site to discover the banking establishment that can give you financing at the best rate with an APR and a monthly payment. meeting your expectations.

The details to remember about a consumer loan

As the conditions for obtaining a personal loan without proof can vary from one credit institution to another, it is best to go through a comparator. This will save time and help you choose the offers best suited to your needs. In order to also determine its borrowing capacities and know in advance the monthly payments to be repaid, a quick online credit simulation can be carried out free of charge and without obligation. To do this, you will have to fill out an online form. The results of your simulation will be given to you in a few minutes. You can then move on to the comparison of the different fast consumer credit offers that will be offered to you.

Applying for personal credit can also be done online. After completing your file which will at least consist of your pay slips or proof of income (or income tax sheet), your proof of address, a copy of your national identity card and your statement bank identity, an immediate answer in principle will be given to you. Your request will be processed quickly by the bank and if accepted, a final response with a proposal for a credit agreement will be sent to you.

The advantages of a credit without proof

The consumer loan without proof is very popular with individuals for its flexibility. You don't need to explain why you want to borrow a certain amount of money. The funds awarded may well be used to make travel dreams come true, to purchase computer equipment or to carry out some interior work. If you decide to change the original project, there is no need to explain it to the lending institution either, especially since no invoice or proof of use will be requested.

The granting of a loan without proof is particularly fast. This is one of its other great assets, besides the fact that the amount of money can be accessed at any time. The process can be done online, which will save you the hassle of traveling and will certainly save you time. The duration of the loan is flexible according to your needs and the interest rate quite advantageous. So do not hesitate to take out a loan online now to obtain your financing and start carrying out your personal projects. That said, borrowing money also costs money, which is why it is important to check its repayment capacity before taking out immediate credit online.

A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit